Dr Sinclair’s Drawer



Dr Sinclair’s Drawer, an exhibition with Katrina Palmer, Samuel Hasler, Francesco Pedraglio and Sarah Tripp, produced by Book Works and Flat Time House. 9th October – 23rd November at Flat Time House, London.


Gnommero Visibility



Gnommero is a publication, produced by Richard Taylor and Sarah Tripp. The contents of each volume are responses by artists and writers to one of Italo Calvino’s series of lectures, Six Memos for the Next Millennium. The contributors to Gnommero – Visibility are: Neil Davidson, Stuart Fallon, Kate Grenyer, Simone Hutchinson, Ben Knight, Chin Li, Giuseppe Mistretta, Eona McCallum, Anna McLauchlan, Anthony Schrag, Conal Mc Stravick, Richard Taylor, Sarah Tripp, Charlotte Morgan, Laura Simpson, Iris Tenkink, Tom Varley, Thom Walker, Daniella Watson and Rebecca Wilcox. Gnommero is available from Aye-Aye Books (Glasgow) and Fruitmarket Gallery Bookshop (Edinburgh).